Lemon Verbena

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Generally the aromatic leaves of this herb are used in the form of a flavouring agent to add essence to salads, fruit salads and other similar items. As the leaves of lemon verbena possess a delicious lemony fragrance, it is loved by most people who use it for culinary purpose.


In addition, a flavour and revitalizing tea is prepared with lemon verbena leaves. The dried out leaves of the herb hold on to their lemony aroma for several years. Delicately sliced tender leaves of the herb are added to drinks, confectionery, fruit puddings, cakes, apple jelly as well as home-made ice cream to add flavour and aroma. You may also infuse the leaves in finger bowls to enjoy their wonder aroma.

Minimum Shipment: per 1kg box 13 bunches x 75gr
Cooled Storage: +2 ~ +4°C

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